You're not failing

You make me smile always. I love your steps. You are changing. I feel so proud of you. You are my child. You are learning to walk, just like a baby. Learning to hold my hand, learning to wield my authority, learning to believe my Word. I am so happy with you.

Why do you listen to other voices my child? Ones that say " I am failing." " I can't do it."

"I'm not good enough." " I'm not enough."

Can't you see yourself through My eyes.

Feel my love

my delight

my joy

my dreams

I love being your dad.

Hold my hand. Together we will do more than you can even dream.

I will never let you go and My power in you is exceedingly great.

How many stars do you see? Can you count them all? Can you comprehend the size of my power? It is small, compared to my love. And this love is focused on you.

I will move heaven and earth for you, my beloved one. You are amazing and you make my heart smile.

With me, you can never "fail." You can fall, stumble or pause in our walk together. But my righteous ones fall many times, and still get back up. You will do the same. And you will find so much peace when you understand that my love is the same in your failures and successes. Because you are MINE.

And I delight in you!



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