Words of Life

I am sending you words of life, words of faith and words of healing through my servants. They are my holy messengers of hope.

Don't be afraid of them. You don't have to hide yourself.

For many years, the enemy has deceived you and trapped you in isolation and performance. This is broken off you today.

I am giving you grace to be seen and be known.

I am bringing you out of hiding so that many will see you and see my works in you. They will see my grace in you, my heart in you and my works in you.

Don't be afraid to be known. Don't allow hidden sin or condemnation to steal this from you. I am sending you messengers of hope. Listen to them! They will love you as I love you. They will point you and many- to me.

My words are words of life and words of grace.

Condemnation is not of me.

Criticism and accusation is not of me.

Listen to the tone of the words you hear. Truth without grace is not my truth. My words...are words of life and words of grace. These words will build you up- not destroy you. And give you hope and a future.

I love you dear one!

Receive my hope, my grace and words of life today.

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