What is the purpose of this blog?

The purpose of this blog, is to bring you into the heart of the Father God. And to recognize the profound soul shattering, life exploding love He IS and that He offers. You were created to know Him and to be in oneness with Him. He is strong, powerful and the Creator, but wants a personal relationship with YOU and with me.

But something blocks's been there for a while. To distort his image, to make us doubt Him and His words, to make us feel unlovable, unclean and ashamed.

It is a mark a flaw that is catastrophic within us.

So He fixed it. At a very high cost. Because love is willing to pay any cost. It is willing to sacrifice and put the needs of others above itself. And this, love, is His very nature.

He created a marvelous plan to deal with the blocks between you and Him, me and Him. That plan was consummated in a cruel death by a Jesus man, many believed to be the answer to everything. He said the same thing. But then shocked everyone when he returned- back from the dead..and said " See, my plan works. Now you will have new life too."

I write so you can see Him. Or rather, was recruited.

I don't create stories, I write what I hear and feel. It's closer to transcription that writing per say. I hope you hear the Father's heart.

I may not hear every word with absolute clarity and perfection- no longer the standard in the New Covenant anyways- but I am willing to write, willing to listen and these words are sent with enormous love embedded in each letter. I want you to see, feel and know the one I know...because He is just too amazing.

So, read, enjoy and please share. I hope you learn that He really really is good. And that He truly love you.

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