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I love your energy. ( I can feel a smile on His face)

It is a gift from me. I love how you do many things for me that are good.

But I want you to understand MY rest and waiting in joy.

(At the word REST- I feel a sense of peace, it feels like a rainy day, snuggled under a blanket, just sitting still in a place of comfort and peace)

What does "wait" mean to you?

( I think of impatience, frustration, and being withheld from something I really want or feel I need) I want you to receive my view of "waiting."

I see my sitting still in absolute joy...because something desired, beautiful and joyful is coming.

He asks me

Do you trust me? ( I answer...yes....usually)

Do I create good things? ( Yes)

Do I like to give you good gifts? (Yes, again)

I then feel a picture of time. How good things take time. I see a baby growing in the womb, a tree growing, and feel a picture of "good time" passing that makes "good things grow."

I hear a verse " He has made everything beautiful in its time."

My waiting, is not to harm you.

Haven't I said that I would not withhold from you any good thing?

There can be JOY in the waiting.

Peace in the waiting.

Trust and faith in the waiting.

Wait...and see what I am doing and I will do.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart...

Eccl 3:11a

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