Today is the day of salvation!

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? It is AT HAND!

Today is your day!

Today is the day of breakthrough! Of my truth, my promises, my love and purposes coming forth in my life.

I AM the God who is with you now in the present.

Many of my people look to the future always...what will be, what will come but I am here NOW.


Look up and see what you have. See me! See my truth!

See my promises....My Kingdom....My glory....My power....

Believe it!

For many, Satan has covered your eyes and distorted many things but you can have freedom EVEN TODAY!

My thoughts

Today is our day friends. TODAY!

Don't wait for tomorrow! Don't wait for something to come when today you have everything you need.

Even if it's not in your's in heaven with your name on it and it is YOURS.

If you have money in the bank- it's yours right?

You may have to wait to make the withdrawal but it is still YOURS!

All of the promises of God are yours but even more importantly HE is yours.

He gives you Himself- the most precious gift of all!

Draw close to Jesus today. SAY YES to more of His love....more closeness...

more time with Him.

Allow Him to love you more and to expose every lie, block and barrier coming to hinder His truth and your destiny!

Be free today! In Jesus' name!

Today say NO to depression!

Say NO to despair!

Say YES to hope, freedom and His beautiful plans for your life!

Much love,


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