Spiritual abuse survivor- can I help you?

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I'm a survivor of spiritual abuse and was in a Bible based cult. From devastation at church, in toxic groups, and relationship....God has brought joy, healing and freedom into my life.

Look out for my book: The Debriefing Workbook- Finding Hope and Healing after Spiritual Abuse that's being released very soon!

I'm an ordained minister, intercessor, and inner healing prayer minister who is available to pray, teach or consult with you or your group. Contact me on my main site for more information. I offer prophetic coaching, consulting and support.

There is life on the other side of abuse, control, and trauma! There IS healing in Jesus. I am happy to help you start your healing journey. I recommend having a Healing Plan, as suggested by Pastor Jennifer Eviaz. I( I recommend all of her resources, especially this one.) The journey takes time, as you may already know, but the joy and rewards are worth it. We can stay stuck- in pain, or move forward to greater healing!

For me, inner healing, deliverance, healthy support/community, and Christian counseling have been my go-to. I have had the most growth with prophetic counseling. I did avoid counseling for a long time, having been harmed by counseling abuse and then later not having the resources to pay for a counselor.

At my lowest point, I was leaving a group that was my life. I really go all in, in general, and this group was no exception. (It is called Unleavened Bread Ministries-or UBM). I was a member, deeply loyal for about 4 years. Recovering from the experience took about 6 years honestly, but in my pain, I walked a road many spiritual abuse survivors choose- keeping church at a distance and doing my own thing. I felt at that time, I trust YOU Holy Spirit, but I do not trust myself or your people. I found a gentle spirit filled Anglican church with another cult survivor there in leadership. He made the church feel safe for me and I'm so thankful for that season.

I encourage you to believe God to help you also move past the Pharisees, wolves, and deceivers in your life. Jesus is not like them- no matter how much Scripture they may quote. He IS life and there are good things on the other side of spiritual abuse!

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