My Word is an Anchor

This is a time of transition and shaking but also time of great promise, hope and restoration.

Don't be swayed by what you SEE on the right or on the left. (Psalm 91 comes to mind)

Or the storm

Why is the storm here?

And my glory is being poured out in you, through you and throughout the entire world!

Your children are coming back to me!

Your emotions are being healed.

You are overcoming fear!

You are walking in a boldness and new authority in me!

These storms only come to distract and stop what I am doing- but you have authority in My name to command the storms "peace be still" or to walk on the water...through them!

Be careful for hidden foxes in the vineyard of your heart.

Selfish ambition

Lust of the eyes

Pride of Life

Also me to free and cleanse you from these counterfeits of my life in you.

When you LOVE me- you LOVE yourself and others. But you are also willing to lay down your life for me and others. My love will fill you up so much- that you can only pour it out.

But if your heart is still broken and can't yet believe or receive my love for you. You can't HOLD it in a cracked vessel- dear one. So for one- I am here with healing of your heart, your past and your traumas. I am here to rebuild the walls of your life, your mind, and your identity.

Allow me to rebuild with purity, truth, righteousness and my Word.

I have given you the spirit of ADOPTION. You are not an are son....much loved....much loved...much loved.....Oh how I wish my people could see and receive this.

A son receives. An orphan strives.

A son abides. An orphan is works.

You are a son/daughter.....NOT a servant.....Come in to who I am calling you to be.

I have called you to be a family with me, Father God, and Holy Spirit!

And remember what I revealed to David:

When my father and my mother forsake me,

Then the Lord will take care of me.

You have been adopted by me! And my banner over you is LOVE!

Lord I ask and I receive a

spirit of wisdom, revelation and adoption today in Jesus name! Thank you for adopting me and being such a good, good Father. I love you Lord. AMEN.

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