My Peace

Seek peace and pursue it. My peace is a weapon. It is the realm where I dwell. In Me is life, peace, and joy. My paths are peaceful....all of them. Let my peace reign in you! Don't be pulled to the right or the left....stubbornly hold onto my peace.

It is a weapon and a place to abide.

A place to rest and a place to hide.

A place to eat and a place to grow

A place of safely

Just come inside.

Peace of God....there is a sweetness attached.

No worry





Instead faith, hope, joy and love.

There is no peace in the world. There is comfort and distraction.

There is numbing and hiding.

But I give PEACE which overwhelms them all. It is a superior force to any of the storms of life.

Hold my hand....Let me lead you.

With me, you will have peace even in a storm.

You will walk through a valley, of the shadow of death, yet fear nothing. Evil will not touch will see it, but remain shielded from it's sting.

Receive my peace into your soul....drink deeply. Exhale....thank me.

Let joy and praise re frame your vision.

My peace brings cleansing to your eyes. Worry, fear, confusion will twist and darken your vision first, and later- your heart.

But in me, you will have my PEACE.

( I see illuminated stones of shining light in a dark river/creek....It is night...and yet He is showing a pathway of light)

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