My favorite garden is your heart

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Your heart is a beautiful garden, and I am the perfect gardener. Do you remember how Adam walked with me in the cool of the day?

And how Mary met me risen in the garden?

The garden I most love, is the garden of your heart.

Many things can grow here. Some good, and some bad. I am here to help you

cultivate this ground, plant, sow, weed and harvest here.

I love to walk with you, in the garden of your heart. What do I mean? I mean, in your innermost thoughts, feelings, desires and fears. The ones that are buried deep with in.

Your thoughts are precious to me, I see them all. You do not need to hide your heart from me...

I see it all dear one. I love your precious heart. I see you are giving more and more of it to me.

I love this. But I long to have more. More of you. All of your heart .

Will you let me in? Into the parts that are weak, dark or broken? I will bring cleansing and newness to each place you let me go.

Are you surprised dear one? You must give permission. I will not force myself in. This is why I knock. I wish to be allowed entrance. I see such beauty for ashes. I see joy where there has been weeping. I see triumph where once lived hidden sin.

Let me in. I love you and I will make you a thing of wonder and beauty.

Let me see all of you, don't hide. Because I am your closest friend and nothing escapes me. I am not shocked by what I see. My death conquered it ALL. Just allow me to clean every area with my blood, then seal you with my Holy Spirit. I bring blood, oil and newness to every single room of your heart.

Say yes to me, dear one. And I will bring healing, new life and beauty.

Do not hide from me in shame or fear.

I love you and will create a beautiful garden of glory in your heart.

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