Letter from the King

You are beautiful in my sight

And without flaw

Clothed in gold

Clothing in white

I will feed you the food of kings

All that my father has given me

And I give this to you

Do you hear me calling your name?

In the desert, in the forest, through the stars?

Do you hear my love for you singing in the evening breeze?

Your name is written on my hands

And on my heart

I died for you

Will you live for me?

When you turn away

I long for your heart

You turn to other things, other loves

They mock you, they steal from you

You heart breaks and you think

God does not care…God does not love

Why won’t He make it stop?

But I am HERE dear one, and you don’t see the angel armies

The sound of warfare

The cry of the battle

All for your heart

All for you

You don’t see the deceiver offers what looks good,

Yet created to destroy you from the inside out

Desiring to crush and break you

It is created to explode and make deep wounds

You are not deceived as was your sister Eve

But instead you think this

“I see a good thing that He won’t let me have”

You don’t the false gift and lies given by another

I call you to SEE and to AWAKE

To see my love

To see your beauty

To see truth

I know my heart for you

My heart beats loudly for you

And I have known you since before time began

Take my hand, Kings Daughter.

Come with me

I will feed you with good things. Let me clothe you in MY nature.

Let me give you my plans, which are greater than you can imagine.

I ask you to trust me

You hear my voice.

You want to please me.

This makes me smile

Come to me like a child

I will be a good father to you

And I will never let you go.

Give me all of your heart

And I will give you all of me

My love cannot be contained

Not the universe itself

But I come gently to you

I will not hurt you or break you

I will mend you

I will pour oil on your wounds, even the ones you hide from view

Our song of love will never end

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