Freedom is for you! (Exhortation in love)

This is a season of EXPOSURE! If there is an area in your life...that is bringing shame, condemnation; a hidden sin problem, hidden habit, whatever....but you KNOW it's not who you are meant to be....Bring to GOD now! Bring it to HIM!

Get free....! Find deliverance, healing, new life. You can have a testimony and even minister one day in THAT very place....

But if you continue to hide your ways....and have a secret life....the time of exposure is starting even now!

God wants you to come to HIM and others with honestly and vulnerability NOW! Don't have a hidden place of sin and shame that condemns you....bring it to the light and get free.

There is so much peace and healing when you let Him have it ALL!

Let HIM be your comfort! Let go of the false comforts!

Are you whole? Or is a big part of you hidden from others? Do you have a God side and a "alone in my room" side? It's time to be WHOLE!

Whatever it is with YOU- You are not alone....

Jesus died for sins and to give you a NEW LIFE not shaped by the iniquity in the world and in our bloodline.

He knows what's in your heart already....but will you let Him have it???

You can give it to Him willingly...or let this thing keep you from your destiny, calling and purpose.

Will you be a David or a Samson?

An Esther or a Jezebel?

Let it GO!

Holiness is a shield and a weapon!

If you don't want it broadcast or told to your church, pastor or priest....Jesus wants this thing.....Let it go....There's usually a lie, and many, that keep us holding on to our sins, but it is always a trap. Whereas when Jesus comes in as comforter, healer and savior... He brings wholeness, peace and joy!

Some of you are half and half foot with Jesus the rest with "I gotta do what I gotta do...." But He loves you and He's jealous for ALL of YOU.

I encourage you to confess your secret struggle now to God and one other person:

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.(James 5:16)

God wants to be your pleasure- your comfort- and your bliss.

I believe someone will be FREE who is reading this and you will see Him deliver from a long term battle!!

Who the son sets free- is free indeed!!

He loves you and He is waiting!

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