All Your Heart

Did you know your heart has rooms? Many? And that some have a heart that is broken into pieces and even shattered. Did you know that Jesus offers to HEAL your broken heart?

Heart healing is not a superficial mental consent but supernatural surgery that changes your life, soul and emotions profoundly. We can be hurt in our hearts, broken, shattered and traumatized by life, but especially by close relationships. Parents may damage us through harsh words, abuse, lovelessness, abandonment or excessive busyness. Hearts are also shattered by soul ties, sexual relationships and demonic oppression. Pain is the root of all. A pain comes to our heart- and breaks part of our heart. It can create a wound in one area of life, a certain situation, or in the case of sexual trauma- fragment our very identity.

The good news is that no matter how you've been betrayed, abandoned, traumatized, forgotten, or hurt- Jesus is the Healer. Psalm 103 tells us that He heals the broken hearted and binds ALL of their wounds. Isaiah 61 tells us that heart healing is integral to the ministry and mission of Jesus. He is releasing His kingdom into your HEART/soul and the whole you-is ready to release healing to others.

The following ministries are recommended for inner healing ministry- Jesus' gift to His children and your covenant blessing.

Prophetic Heart Healing

Mashah with Ruth Hendrickson Ministries

Jay Bartlett Ministries

Restoration in Christ Ministries for people recovering from DID and ritual abuse survivors.

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