Why are you anxious?

Why are you so worried My Child?

What causes you concern? Have I left you? Have I come off my throne? Did I create you, choose a destiny for you, fill you with gifts, love and favor and then Turn my face away? Did I forget you?  I am not like a man. I am completely FAITHFUL. And I said I would bless you, take care of you, and fight your battles for you. Doesn’t my word say, to be strong in ME and in the strength of MY power? Do I require you to be strong In yourself and in YOUR own power? Love does not worry, and you should not either. If you could see – how important you are to me…you would never worry either. What do you fear? Failure? Shame? Loss of love?  Why do you fear being seen?  Being known?  Don’t you know that I use jar of clay to turn into WINE….and that I formed you out of the dust itself. I turn dirt into destiny, darkness into glory. Do not fear and do not be anxious. Anxiety is blindness to my love and my power in your life. Remember my great acts- I am the power, my servants were all just like you. David….was fearful, Moses had a temper, Rahab- my precious one, saved her entire family ….My grace is so radical and I don’t rely on your power…why should you? Be strong in ME and in the strength of MY enormous love guided power. Commit all of your plans to me…and I will establish them.

Tell me every single worry you have…

stop pretending they are not tormenting your soul-

bring them ALL to me….and you will overcome….and always walk in peace. 


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